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Special Report Transcript Episode 39, Section 6, Time 19:08

… Followed them and told us that the smugglers had weapons in their car and that they were afraid that they would be robbed by these people. They then decided to eliminate these people by shooting them. During this discussion it was decided that it would create a problem if it was mentioned that the Ovambo Koevoet members shot the smugglers, because at that stage there were various rumours that the security police were involved in so-called third force activities, and specifically Vlakplaas … amongst others Coetzee and Nofemela. In other words the information that came from this incident would of course place further pressure on the South African police and the government. At that stage negotiations were started and there were negotiations between the ANC and the PAC and the National Party and other such liberation movements. If it came to the knowledge that the NP government was compromised by the police it would make the negotiations difficult. The false plan which we had was to say that it was the task force, the special operational unit, which had shot these people. Then no questions would have been asked, but the moment you mention that it was Koevoet members or Vlakplaas members then it was a problem.

Notes: Capt Wouter Mentz

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