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Special Report Transcript Episode 39, Section 7, Time 21:13

Captain Wouter Mentz seems to be the most severely damaged. He suffers from very severe post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. He is a classic case of so-called bomb shock as seen in soldiers after the second world war. He suffers from a nervous disorder which makes him pull out his hair. According to the psychiatric report he is so ill that he should be hospitalized. His body language during the hearings often showed signs of agitation and nervousness. Captain Mentz seems to have chosen the police as a career to find approval from an overbearing father figure. His sensitive nature was often at odds with the violent deeds he was expected to carry out, like the murder of an unknown askari.

Notes: Capt Wouter Mentz

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a former guerrilla 'turned' or recruited by the security forces
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