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Special Report Transcript Episode 4, Section 4, Time 13:33

The elections of 1994 brought democracy and peace to our country, or perhaps I should say to the largest part of our country. Because in KwaZulu-Natal the slaughter of human beings continue unabated. Third force activities and divide and rule policies by former governments are perhaps part of the reasons for the low-key civil war in this province. It certainly is not ideology or class. The disturbance of natural divisions of political support through the homeland policy and the banning of the ANC, are probably more to the point. But this week, we listen to ordinary, salt of the earth South Africans, who were terrorised by their neighbours or people from a neighbouring village. They don’t want the conflict and they don’t understand why it’s happening either. At the end of this week’s hearings one could unfortunately only point fingers at power hungry and egotistical political leaders and their bloody minded minions, the warlords.

Notes: Max du Preez

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