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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 5 of Episode 4

19:29In the Truth Commission process there are victims and there are perpetrators of human right violations. Patrick Hlongwane was both. // Hlongwane left South Africa in December 1986 to meet with the leadership of the ANC in exile. He had been part of the Port Elizabeth Black Civic Organisation, but started working with the security police when conflict arose between the UDF and the civics. // I was involved in the [inaudible] cases in Port Elizabeth during the 80s. It happened that in 1984 I stabbed a guy, by the name of Mzolisi Goodman, and Mzolisi was actually an active member of COSAS. So, I stabbed him because he gave us a problem, you know in our area [inaudible] So, I went to Deon Niewoudt, actually Major Niewoudt a senior security branch policeman, I reported the guy to him. Then they said, no I can kill the guy. Then I did. Then from there I was arrested and released later. Full Transcript and References
20:34But Hlongwane was also a victim. He claims he went to see the ANC to explain why he had started working for the security police. After telling them his story, he was sent to ANC camps in Zambia, Angola and Uganda. There he was repeatedly beaten and tortured and in February 1991 was sentenced by an ANC tribunal to 15 years hard labour. // Beatings continued and you’ll find that, you know, I will eat maybe once in a week. And the prison warders that were there, you know, were the people who didn’t have any mercy for people like myself. Because they said no, they caught a big fish. And from there I still remember Mister Nzo presently a foreign minister of South Africa, Mr. Alfred Nzo also came there. And I had the hope he was going to help me. He also, you know, dealt with me physically. Full Transcript and References
21:35After presentation by Matthews Phosa, now premier of Mpumalanga, and a protracted hunger strike charges against Hlongwane were withdrawn and he returned to South Africa in August 1991. On his return he found that his mother had been necklaced as a result of his activities. // The issue of my mother’s death, it should be brought up because, you know the thing is; a person who was supposed to be eliminated was me, not my mother. And so, therefore those perpetrators, they should be brought forward in order …. My family should know, my father should know. Full Transcript
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