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Special Report Transcript Episode 4, Section 7, Time 30:42

We were instructed to make it look like a robbery. // Who instructed you? // Brigadier van der Hofen. A hunting knife was brought down from Vlakplaas, I can’t recall whether we bought the other okapi knives in Durban or whether that also came from Vlakplaas. I got a report back from him that they staged a breakdown; it was a rainy night, drizzling. And, they staged a breakdown with their police bakkie on a narrow road leading to Mxenge’s house. When he stopped to hear whether he could assist them, they then held him at point blank with a gun. And the killing took place at the scene where they took him out of the car at the Umlazi stadium. That is where the actual stabbing and killing took place.

Notes: Dirk Coetzee; Jacques Pauw; Umlazi Stadium

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