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Special Report Transcript Episode 41, Section 2, Time 02:33

We found the fire arms, the two fire arms. There were three, including ours. We also took clothing and we took old coins. // The car was to be sold in Lesotho so that the money that we get from that should be used to buy arms in order to further the struggle for APLA. // So, the money remained with you, the clothing remained with you, the motorcar remained with you. What about the camera you stole? Where did that go? // We do not associate ourselves with stealing. // I’m not asking you to make a political speech. I’m asking you for the facts. Did these articles remain with you people? // Yes…no, they were in the car.

Notes: TRC testimony: Daniel Magoda; TRC testimony: Petrus Nkgwedi; Judge Wilson; Petrus Nkgwedi; Judge Wilson; Petrus Nkgwedi

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