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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 4 of Episode 41

11:08On a Saturday night in September 1990 four young whites, including a woman drove into Kutloanong township. The first person they met was Philip Matela who is now asking for amnesty for their murder. // They said to me they were looking for the ANC comrades and we knew that the right wingers and the Russian vigilante group were going to attack people in the location.Full Transcript and References
11:48Township residents were expecting a vigilante attack. Matela claims that he went to go and find the ANC members who were on patrol to alert them that the white people were looking for them. The news spread like wild fire and at some stage a large group of angry residents, fearing that these people were possible attackers, assaulted and killed them. Three men were arrested and convicted of this multiple murder: Philip Matela, Thami Hlobo and Jeremia Moikabi. They claim a political motive and are all asking for amnesty. Full Transcript
12:29I see my case as a political one. It is because of the meetings we were attending and the decisions taken there. Yes, I played a role because we were told that we should defend ourselves should we be attacked. // The instructions he gave you, as I understand them and as you wrote out in your application, was to patrol the location to protect the residents against any threats. You were there to protect, not to attack, not to kill. // It was necessary because at that time we regarded the white people as our enemies. // Do you remember the evidence that was led at the trial? // Yes, I do remember. // A red bakkie cut off the white Mazda and it came to a stop. Out of the bakkie three people climbed: yourself, accused number two and another. Do you remember that evidence? // Yes sir. // That you immediately began hitting the vehicle and ordered the people in it to climb out. // Yes sir. // And then assaulted them. // No, I was not in that van.Full Transcript
14:22During the criminal trial, witnesses testifying against Matela said that he was part of a group that dragged the woman to a nearby shack where she was allegedly raped. Full Transcript
14:36Did you accompany them taking the woman around the house, to the back of the house? // No sir, I did not accompany them. // Who cut off the woman’s breast? // I do not know because there were many people. // Who raped the woman? // I did not see who raped her, because at that time it was just fighting, there was no intention to rape.Full Transcript
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