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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 5 of Episode 41

15:13Applicants before the Truth Commission’s Amnesty Committee are often questioned ruthlessly by Committee members. This week in Bloemfontein applicant Sebolai Nkgwedi turned the tables and questioned the Committee members.Full Transcript
15:29First question is that, these commissioners, where did they grow up? Did they grow up outside, in America, or did they come here to South Africa just to work, or did they grow up here in South Africa, here in Azania? I’d be very happy if the honourable sir on the extreme left could answer the question on behalf of the whole Commission. // I grew up in South Africa; my father grew up in South Africa, my grandfather grew up in South Africa. I’ve known no other country. // In other words what the Truth Commission is doing today, we are not sure whether the Commission knows exactly what it is asking of us. Is the Commission not aware that the Africans were suppressed and the past government was oppressing the Africans? And that is the last question and the very same sir must please respond to the question. // I’ll answer this question to you. I don’t think there was democracy in the sense that you didn’t have the vote and you’ve obtained the vote now. And I think that was ...moreFull Transcript
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