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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 7 of Episode 41

24:50South Africa’s political parties made submissions to the Truth Commission in August last year. Most parties promised to give further information at a later stage and promised to respond to any questions coming from the Truth Commission. Last Sunday, the leader of the National Party, FW de Klerk handed over his party’s second submission to the Truth Commission with the answers to the questions put to him. This is the 46 page document. The first 11 pages contain a stringent attack on the Truth Commission and the African National Congress. De Klerk says ”the Truth Commission is not perceived to be impartial.” I quote. ”Its composition is seen to be overwhelmingly representative of only one side in the former conflict. An analysis of the statements and speeches of some leading members of the Commission indicates that they tend to view the conflict of the past from the broad perspective of the ANC and its allies.” // De Klerk’s response to the Truth Commission statements can ...moreFull Transcript and References
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