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Special Report Transcript Episode 43, Section 1, Time 00:11

Hello. Tonight the Special Report takes you to the extreme north and the extreme south of our country with human rights violations hearings in the northern parts of the Northern Province and in the Eastern Cape platteland. We also tell you more about the latest report regarding the third force and the involvement of IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi and former state president FW de Klerk. But we begin tonight’s report with the hearings of the Amnesty Committee in Gauteng. Spring 1993. South Africa was poised for its first democratic election. But elsewhere, on farms and in small towns some were preparing for a different future. The Boere Weerstands Beweging (BWB), a paramilitary offshoot of the white right wing was planning war. While most were anticipating a majority government, the BWB was stockpiling food and arms for battle against the forces that were denying them a volkstaat of racial and religious purity. This week, two BWB fighters whose foolhardy attempt at war left one policeman dead and another severely injured asked the Truth Commission for amnesty.

Notes: Max du Preez

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(Afrikaans; 'nation state') a 'state' or area set aside for Afrikaners to pursue their quest for self-determination
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