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Special Report Transcript Episode 46, Section 7, Time 25:37

If you are considering applying for amnesty we suggest you contact the Truth Commission’s offices in your region at the numbers now on your screen. Please don’t contact the Special Report for this reason. We merely report on the Truth Commission, we have no ties whatsoever with them. The Special Report is a completely independent SABC programme. But if you do want to talk to us phone us at 714 5224 in Johannesburg or fax us at 714 6254. Our e-mail address is The Special Report team is deployed all over the country this coming week. In Cape Town for the special testimony by former Defence Minister Magnus Malan; in Nelspruit for amnesty hearings; and in the Northwest towns of Zeerust, Rustenburg and Mabopane for human rights violations hearings. And next Sunday we will again bring you the full story. Good night.

Notes: Max du Preez

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