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Special Report Transcript Episode 47, Section 2, Time 12:13

There are simply too many unanswered questions and contradictions for the claim that Lubowski was a spy to be possibly true. Why would the Defence Force which has run many highly successful spies before pay Lubowski directly with this cheque in his name and these ones in the names of his children’s trust fund? Even on the military requisition form the name Anton appears and military experts claim that the requisition forms were completed in a way that would never have been passed by the army. Another question: Lubowski’s accusers say he was in desperate need of money and that’s why he betrayed SWAPO. Why then did he not withdraw a cent paid by the front company for the military? Ironically the man who has many of the answers on the framing of Anton Lubowski was sitting right next to Malan in the hearing, his lawyer Ernst Penzhorn. These cheques were made out to Lubowski by Global Capital Investments, a peculiar company indeed. Penzhorn was Global’s only member. He later clumsily tried to backdate his ownership, claiming he had sold it before Lubowski’s death to one, Rika Marie Roux. There is no such person in the population register and the ID number given was not allocated to any person. Perhaps mister Penzhorn should also appear before the Truth Commission and answer some questions. Malan insisted repeatedly that he never ordered or sanctioned assassinations. But Glen Goosen had this surprise for him: a military document that recommended the assassination of five members of the Mozambique resistance movement, then still based in South Africa. They were suspected of killing their white leader Orlando Cristina near Pretoria in April 1983.

Notes: Copies of cheques, requisition form; ‘Secret’ document

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