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Special Report Transcript Episode 47, Section 2, Time 05:56

Then the question of the much talked about third force was raised. // Despite the persistent propaganda to the contrary no third force ever existed. This is the stark reality which this Commission will have to face up to.

Notes: Magnus Malan

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TRC Final Report
■ THE ‘THIRD FORCE’ 497 This section focuses on the notion that a ‘third force’ or ‘third force’ elements were involved in perpetrating the violence of the early 1990s. The Commission wishes to restrict the understanding of this phenomenon to the post-1990 period and specifically ...
Killings by Extra Judicial Tribunals 433 The Commission received reports of killings performed by UDF/ANC-aligned individuals, after findings of extra-judicial tribunals or area committees. Victims included IFP office-bearers and individuals associated with the former state and former state ...
Volume TWO Chapter SEVEN Political Violence in the Era of Negotiations andTransition, 1990-1994 ■ INTRODUCTION 1 The Commission had considerable success in uncovering violations that took place before 1990. This was not true of the 1990s period. Information before the Commission shows that ...
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