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Special Report Transcript Episode 47, Section 2, Time 06:57

General Malan is toying with the truth. Operation Marion was at the heart of the third force, because by third force is meant a secret force operating clandestinely and using methods of terrorism. Daluxolo Luthuli was the leader of 200 Inkatha members trained by the SADF in Caprivi in 1986 as part of Operation Marion. And he says this group was responsible for a large number of killings and assassinations and the KwaMakhuta massacre.

Notes: Victims of KwaMakhuta massacre; KwaMakhuta massacre aftermath

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TRC Final Report Glossary
138 On 2 June 1986, Chief Lent Maqoma, a one-time ally of Lennox Sebe, launched his Ciskei People’s Rights Protection Party; this was followed a few months later by the launch by the rebel group in Transkei of the ‘armed wing’ of this party, Iliso Lomzi. It seems that both were launched ...
170 When David Ntombela of Mncane in Vulindlela became the induna of KwaMncane, the money he collected from people for a ‘co-operative store’ allegedly went into building his own store. Ntombela became known for spearheading attacks against UDF supporters who had begun to infiltrate the ...
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