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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 4 of Episode 47

19:42The year is 1993. South Africa was on the eve of a remarkable negotiated settlement. One area was clinging steadfastly to the old order, Lucas Mangope’s homeland of Bophuthatswana. The people of the homeland mobilized for their freedom but Mangope’s security forces did not let go easily. At the Truth Commission’s human rights violations hearing in Northwest Province this past week Solly Bokaba, a student leader at the time, told about the savage attack on him by former Bop policemen.Full Transcript and References
20:16As student…we should take … into our own hands. // We should not be fooled by some few dissenters. // Democratize college of education.Full Transcript
20:52The refusal by the former homeland state, Bophuthatswana under the leadership of Lucas Mangope to be reincorporated into the new South Africa led to the 1993 student mobilizations to pressurize the Bophuthatswana government to hand over their power and join the negotiation process at the time. Solly Bokaba was the leader of the South African Student Congress which was instrumental in forcing the Bophuthatswana government to reconsider its position.Full Transcript
21:24For me as a patriot in this country I need not think through my blood, I must think through my head. At that stage the struggle for liberation of this country called me and I knew that I might traverse in one of the horrendous ways and this was one of the things which I had expected. So, as a freedom fighter, somebody who was fighting for a country to ensure that we are liberated and I can’t at this stage be a bitter man. I might be hurt, but I should not be bitter because once I become bitter I’m going to be emotional and I’m going to … I need these people who did these things to come and reconcile with them and to ensure that we move forward.Full Transcript
22:15This past week the Truth and Reconciliation’s Amnesty Committee heard how Bokaba’s student organisation and other tertiary institutions in the Northwest joined forces to protest against the legacy of Bantustans.Full Transcript
22:32During 1993 I was the president of the student representative council of UNIBO, now it’s called University of Northwest. I was also a member of South African Student Congress. Towards the end of January 1993, after we realized together with the student leadership in South African Student Congress, we decided that we should organise students in the whole of Bophuthatswana region from Thaba N’Chu to Melorane, Madikwe including even Mmabatho area in Lehurutshe. Bophuthatswana on its own, headed by mister Lucas Mangope was a corruption. It was a corruption between the illegitimate self-imposed leaders on our people proclaiming to be legitimate Tswana leaders with the Nationalist Party government.Full Transcript
23:47By mid 1992 Solly had become a notorious figure in the Bophuthatswana homeland. He was labelled as an ANC import into the homeland with a mission of disruption and chaos.Full Transcript
24:00Because of my history I joined the ANC immediately when it was unbanned in 1990. I was the chairperson of the ANC in Itsoseng in the Ditsobotla district and when I went to UNIBO it was very clear that the security police knew about me and immediately when I assumed or was elected as a president of the SRC there was a clear campaign to demonize and create me as perverse by both the politicians and the media in Bophuthatswana. Full Transcript
24:34On the seventh of this month exactly four years after the Bophuthatswana security police had acted on their threats, the TRC Amnesty Committee in Rustenburg heard how Solly Bokaba was brutally assaulted by a group of 15 policemen.Full Transcript
24:50As I was now moving towards the main gate, when I turned and saw what was happening behind me, I saw this policemen running towards me and as they were running towards me I was still having my loud hailer. And as they were approaching me, the first one who managed to arrive at me shouted an expletive like, [you are going to see shit today.] Then, as he said that, he then took out his baton and this other ones were following me. He started lashing me on my head.Full Transcript
25:28For Bokaba, the perpetrators are people he knew and who had constantly threatened him about his life and ironically when their homeland shrine they were preserving has shattered they still have not approached him and asked him for forgiveness. // I feel that it’s for me to ensure that I reconcile but they also have to come to me and reconcile.Full Transcript
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