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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 5

09:05Gideon Niewoudt is now on trial in the Port Elizabeth Supreme Court for murder. // The Motherwell bombing case. The state alleges that he was involved in the murder of other policemen. // At the Truth Commission hearing this week Niewoudt was once again implicated in torture. Because of the court order, he was referred to as ‘Mister X’ or ‘that policeman we cannot name.’ // So we will ask you that question now Mkhuseli Jack, do you intend to name Gideon Niewoudt as a perpetrator in your testimony? // I think 70 percent of my testimony would have dwelled on the matters relating to the person you mentioned. // Is Niewoudt you’re mentioning here the gentleman who is known as Lieutenant-Colonel Niewoudt, who brought an application for certain names not to be mentioned, certainly not his name. Is that who you are talking about? // That is exactly the person I’m talking about // There was also Mister X who I’m not going to mention today. They said, ‘we are going to ...moreFull Transcript and References
11:20Despite Niewoudt’s court order the Mtimkulu’s are confident that they will testify. It is time for Elizabeth Mtimkulu to make the stand. The acting chairperson makes an announcement. // We call the next witness. The next witness was supposed to be Mrs. Mtimkulu. We are going to hold back that case until lunch time today. // Elizabeth Mtimkulu cannot testify today.Full Transcript
12:32In Cape Town a court is sitting. The lawyers representing Jan du Preez and Nick van Rensburg have filed application that Mrs. Mtimkulu must not climb that podium. We are waiting for the judgement to come anytime this morning and we have been ordered that we wait until the judgement comes. That shows the difficulty that we are facing as this Commission. // For some time the Truth Commission proceedings are disrupted as angry youth demand to hear the Mtimkulu’s. // Let us ask the Truth Commission to come back to Port Elizabeth, as soon as possible, we can give them five days or so, but then the credibility of the Truth Commission is what we must protect at the moment because you are correct, we are all angry about what they are trying to do, but they are going to try. Those guys, Niewoudt, they are abusing the very constitution you fought for, I fought for. // A number of people in this hall are angry that this process is being delayed again. They would have preferred that Mr. and ...moreFull Transcript
15:10Oh Lord, we are trying to preserve the dignity of Siphiwo and his parents. Help us to remove the hatred around the name of Siphiwo.Full Transcript
15:43I think this case is now, in the Eastern Cape region, I know that it’s becoming a very crucial case for where the people are going to take this process of reconciliation via the Truth and Reconciliation Commission seriously, or whether they are going to write it off. We are going to do all in our powers to pin them down to a date in June. // If Gideon Niewoudt were to sit in front of you like I do now, what would your advice to him be? // I think I would advise in the interest of reconciliation, that if he is innocent, he should immediately approach the Commission, approach the East London office of the Commission and arrange that he clears his name. But if he knows that he’s been involved in any way he should approach the Amnesty Committee. Full Transcript
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