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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 7 of Episode 5

30:27We’re coming to the end of our programme. But before we go: the poignant story of a mother, her missing son and the unexpected revelation about who his father was. // Olive Mpahlwa’s son Monwabisi went into exile as a 21 year old in 1981. She has never seen him again. // To the Truth Commission with whom do I reconcile, because I don’t know what happened. I therefore humbly ask you to investigate what happened to my son, what happened in Tanzania, what happened in Europe, or maybe South Africa for that matter? What stood between him and his father, who intercepted him? I know his interest in ANC was double pronged to fight for the liberation struggle, and meet his father in exile. My son would never let me worry like this if he was alive. He was brilliant, he was loving, he was considerate; he was my joy. // Your son’s family is Mbeki, just please explain to us, who are these Mbeki’s exactly and please tell us who is your son’s father. Because we’ve noticed that you ...moreFull Transcript and References
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