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Special Report Transcript Episode 50, Section 3, Time 09:43

One clue to Claire’s death might lay in the fact that she’d been recruited as an underground intelligence cooperative for Umkhonto we Sizwe in 1987. // We believe she took this responsibility seriously. She continued to have contact with ANC Military Intelligence when she moved to northern Natal. She may have been involved in other underground activities that we don’t know about, so she may have been seen by the intelligence, well the state’s intelligence services as a significant person in that respect. She also, after the unbanning of the ANC, she was an active ANC member in a politically sensitive area. At the time of her death there were big Inkatha training camps. Amongst the covert military operations perhaps training camps in those areas for RENAMO, so it was a very … there was a lot going on in that area. There is the possibility that as Claire travelled round Maputoland that she saw something; that she stumbled on something.

Notes: Rachel Stewart

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(Xhosa: 'Spear of the Nation') the military wing of the ANC
On 2 February 1990, President F W de Klerk announced the unbanning of liberation movements and other organisations, the release of political prisoners, the lifting of restrictions on 33 organisations and a moratorium on judicial executions. Nelson Mandela was released from prison on 11 February ...
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