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Special Report Transcript Episode 50, Section 4, Time 17:08

Julian Stubbs and Dee Dicks were detained with five other students in 1985. Charged with public violence they each spent a year at Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town. Till today they do not know why. // At the time we were heroes and I didn’t feel as if it affected me at that time, but now it seems as if it’s getting worse now. So, all I want to do now is like cry and it angers me because I’m not in control of my crying and my self-esteem and confidence is really low at present. It’s very difficult for me and sometimes I’m still directionless and unfocused, which is always the experience that I lived through in the eighties, is forever in my mind. It’s become quite difficult for me to cope and it’s making me very angry because at that time I could and now I can’t.

Notes: TRC testimony: Dee Dicks

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