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Special Report Transcript Episode 51, Section 3, Time 14:52

‘The Dark Side, The ANC in exile’ // What traumatized me most is to see people being tortured. // ‘Torture, Quatro Camp’ // Lots of people, others beaten, their jaws broken and some… there’s another colleague of mine who was one of the mutinees. He had his skull opened up, with a bayonet during torture. // They used the ropes here on this part of the foot [ankle] then I was hanging upside down, my head was facing down. // ‘Torture Quatro Camp’ // My feet were up, then they would beat me under the feet with that thick pin and then they would kick me on the face, I think that’s how I sustained the injury on the jaw.

Notes: Teddy Williams; Jeremiah Matli

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TRC Victims
An MK member who was incarcerated by members of the ANC security department in 1984. He was held in the Quatro camp and was kicked and beaten. He appeared before a tribunal which found him not guilty of participating in the mutiny. See ANC camps.
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