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Special Report Transcript Episode 52, Section 3, Time 15:18

On Tuesday morning the TRC led an emotional return to the scene of the shooting. // There should never be a repetition of an act such as this one. So we asked you to pour your holy spirit upon the hearts of your people. // ‘Doreen Rousseau, wounded and crippled.’ // … Do not yield by running away facing the pain by we yield by confronting the pain… // ‘Fran Wheeler, widowed.’ // Her husband, Dave’s death has meant great emotional and financial loss for her family. // …There should be peace in our land, bless us now and forever, Amen… // ‘Bernice Whitfield, widowed.’ // The death of her husband Derrick John has ruined her family financially. She’s lost all faith in people and only believes in God.

Notes: Priest; Reporter; Photo: deceased

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