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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 6 of Episode 52

28:02Before we go, a last matter. In the Special Report of the 9th of February we dealt with the issue of necklacing or the use of fire to kill people or destroy bodies. The matter was taken to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa and I was asked to read the following statement by the Commission. // ‘The Flame Lily Foundation and the Association of ex Rhodesians complained to the BBC’s SA regarding a statement about necklacing or the incineration of people doused in petrol made by mister Max du Preez, the presenter of the Truth Commission Special Report. The statement that gave rise to the complaint was. // ‘The truth as we now know is that this repulsive form of killing was first started by white Rhodesian security forces in the 1970s and then brought to South Africa by the security police.’ // After having studied additional evidence filed by the SABC the Commission came to the following conclusions: That there was no evidence that the SABC or mister Du Preez ...moreFull Transcript
31:02End creditsFull Transcript
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