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Special Report Transcript Episode 56, Section 2, Time 04:07

APLA then was fighting, returning a bullet with a bullet, protecting the Africans in Azania and the PAC was busy using other tactics so that you people in the government could hear the cries of the children of Azania. If your ears couldn’t listen, APLA decided to take guns to open the ears that were not prepared to listen. // Why was it necessary to attack a church? // As I’ve said before, I didn’t know that we were going to attack a church. I didn’t know that the target was a church, but I felt as I’ve said before the whites were also using churches to oppress the blacks. They took our country using churches and bibles as we are reading the history, we as the oppressed ones. // Even if you’ve known that it was a church you would have had attacked the people in the church. // Yes. // If it was a church for black people, and there were only black people, would you have attacked the church then? // No, we couldn’t have done that. // If you look at the people sitting in the two rows behind me they were all people that were part of that congregation as St. James that you attacked. Do you not see many people there who are not white people? // I can see them. // How would it assist you to attack them at St. James? // So, if they were black, there were few black people in there and the majority was white then there was no reason for us not to attack.

Notes: Gcinikhaya Makoma; Ian Bremridge (Victim’s lawyer) Bassie Mkhumbuzi; Chris de Jager (Amnesty Committee); Mkhumbuzi; De Jager; Mkhumbuzi; Ian Bremridge; Tobela Mlambisa; Bremridge; Mlambisa

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