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Special Report Transcript Episode 57, Section 2, Time 10:46

‘Peter Jacobs, Former MK Cadre, Torture victim.’ // If I said to Mr. Jacobs I put the electrodes in his nose, I may be wrong; if I said I attached it to his genitals, I may be wrong; if I had put a probe into his rectum, I may be wrong. That is way the specific methods I could have used any of those three. // Did you during your service use all three methods? // In the case of Mr. Jacobs, yes sir. // I was the first survivor of this torture method of you, you’d concede that? // Yes. // You’d concede as well there were other people busy with that, which means it was an official method that was authorised and approved that you were using? // Not writtenly authorised, but condoned.

Notes: Benzien; Chris de Jager (AC); Peter Jacobs; Benzien; Jacobs; Benzien

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TRC Victims
An MK operative who was detained in May 1987 in Cape Town and held under section 29 for six months. During his detention he was severely tortured by named Security Branch members. Mr Jacobs was sentenced to fourteen years’ imprisonment. Two members of the Security Branch were granted amnesty for ...
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