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Special Report Transcript Episode 57, Section 2, Time 11:56

‘Gary Kruser, Former MK Commander, Torture victim.’ // You weren’t arrested by the team in my car. // You personally arrested me, yourself and Piet Goosen. You remember? // It’s difficult to remember sir. // You put me in a kombi yourself, Goosen and Liebenberg and drove me to Culemborg. // I’m not sure, but I’m willing to concede; your memory will be better than mine on that aspect. // Is it not true that you and Goosen assaulted me throughout the trip? // As I say I cannot remember the arrest, but if you say we assaulted you in the kombi then I would concede that in all probability I did, I don’t know how though. // Our position firstly on the issue of whether I support the ANC or not is still the same, from the time I spoke to you two years ago to now, it has not changed. I’ve said to you on more than one occasion that we are very willing to grant amnesty or support your amnesty application on the basis that you reveal the truth. You said yesterday that you’ve been used by the security branch and I accept that, but the difficulty I have, you seem to remember very flimsy things like Kentucky which I thought you forgot but things which stand out more prominently in terms of our interrogation and our experience you don’t seem to remember and I want to know are you not being used again here to be the fore guy for the rest of the security branch? // No sir. What I am disappointed in is that there are fewer members of the security branch, maybe people in a more senior position that could spread more light on this as far as the hierarchy and the incidents that were happening at that time. I approached the Truth and Reconciliation because it is something that I’ve got to sort out with myself; everybody’s had the occasion to do it and what I find hurtful that in the absence of more people of the security branch who could possibly help this Commission, that I’ve been left out on a limb.

Notes: Benzien; Gary Kruser

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TRC Victims
An MK operative who was tortured during interrogation in Cape Town by members of the Western Cape Security Branch, in September 1987. While on trial for terrorism, he was initially held for six months under section 26 of the Terrorism Act, and then for three years. Two members of the Western Cape ...
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