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Special Report Transcript Episode 57, Section 2, Time 03:31

You would always find him in discussion. We were all involved in the struggle against apartheid but he always thought more deeply. Now, when he was sixteen yes, everybody said apartheid must go but he drew his own conclusions. And for him he needed to be able to decide between socialism and capitalism. And he thought what would be good for the country would be socialism. That was his style, his line. But if you want to know about his personality, then you can just as well ask how political he was, because that was his whole life man and that was what he was prepared to offer. He made up his mind a long time ago: ‘Freedom or death, Victory is Certain!’

Notes: Michelle Kriel continues reading; Archbishop Tutu at Kriel’s memorial service.; Quilt in honour of Kriel (‘Kill the brave, destroy a nation’)

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