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Special Report Transcript Episode 57, Section 2, Time 07:53

‘Ashley Forbes, Former MK Commander, Torture victim.’ // Do you remember saying to me that you are able to treat me like an animal or like a human being and that how you treated me depended on whether I cooperated or not? // I can’t remember it correctly sir, but I would concede I may have said it. // Can I then also just ask if you remember that while I was laying on the ground that somebody inserted a metal rod into my anus and shocked me? // No sir. // Although the first time this type of assault took place was the day of my arrest, but after that when it came to the day of the 16th that it would either be the threat or actual assault. // I deny and Mr. Forbes if I’m denying this then one of us two are lying. On the Saturday I assaulted you, I then assaulted you on I think it was the Monday evening, that is after that we went for the steak, am I correct? After that I took you on investigation to the Eastern Cape, whereas, to refresh your memory and I’m not saying it flippantly, as you said it was the most Kentucky Fried Chicken you’ve ever eaten. Either after that or prior to that we attempted to go to the Western Transvaal where you were going to do some pointing outs, could you remember the time that you’d seen snow for the first time? Can you remember what happened in the snow? The husband and wife and the two children who were taking photos of you playing in the snow along the N1. // After three months in your hands and just prior to the 16th I had again … I had tried to commit suicide. Could you perhaps from your perspective try to explain or try to help the Commission understand why I would have come to that point to have tried to commit suicide? // What actually led to that I cannot say, except that I concede the method of detention was a draconian law instituted by the then Nationalist government, Sir.

Notes: Ashley Forbes; Benzien; Forbes; Forbes; Benzien; Benzien; Forbes; Benzien

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TRC Victims
An MK operative who was detained in May 1987 under section 29, held for six months and severely tortured by named Western Cape Security Branch operatives in Cape Town. He was then charged with terrorism and held in custody while awaiting trial, before being sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Two ...
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