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A listing of transcripts of the dialogue and narrative of this section.


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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 57

18:39For decades we have heard of police torture in statements and in court cases. Most of the time these charges were dismissed because the police flatly denied that they ever treated detainees badly. Allegations of applying electrical shocks to people’s genitals, or pulling a car tube over their face were called lies or ANC propaganda. We know the truth now. But while Jeff Benzien was the first policeman to publicly show how he tortured activists, several policemen before him have talked about it. Full Transcript
19:12‘Warrant Officer Paul van Vuuren – also known as The Electrician – on how he tortured Mamelodi activist Scheepers Morudu’ // We used a gas mask, assaulted him and executed electric shocks on him to gain information. He was a great ANC activist. // It’s a long time ago but if I remember correctly we used a gas mask, we put it over his head and we left the plug in and we denied him oxygen. His hands and feet were tied and we assaulted him several times. We assaulted him with our bare hands and some of the constables involved would kick him too, some of the constables involved assaulted him with the handcuffs.Full Transcript
20:05‘Vlakplaas assassin Joe Mamasela on the torture of Sipho Hashe, Qaqawuli Godolozi and Champion Galela in 1985.’ // They were tortured severely, they were savaged; they were brutalised. Niewoudt beat them up with an iron pipe into their heads, so severely that … They were kicked, they were punched, they were stomped on they were jumped over their heads and they were killed, yes they died. They died one by one. No, it was terrible. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life; it was blazing hell on earth.Full Transcript and References
20:48‘Tokkie Bezuidenhout, the ‘Tube Specialist’ of Vlakplaas, on the tricks of his trade.’ // Okay, it’s very simple. You put him down on his stomach, you handcuff him, you put your knees on his back, you stabilize, and you just take the tube and you pull it over his face; in other words you suffocate the person. When you tube any person, normally you wait until you see he wet his pants then you know, he’s going through the gates upstairs, then you leave him and the minute he [inhales] then you tube him again. Full Transcript
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