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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 4 of Episode 57

21:24Last week we reported on the APLA attack on the St. James Church in Cape Town in 1993. We introduced you to the three APLA men who carried out the brutal attack and now want amnesty. And you met the victims and survivors inside the church; you met Liezl Ackerman whose mother was killed in the church who said on last week’s programme that she wondered how the attackers themselves felt. This past week we took Liezl Ackerman and Gillian Schermbrucker who was badly wounded in the attack to Pollsmoor Prison to meet one of the killers, Gcinikhaya Makoma.Full Transcript and References
22:00In 1993, just before the St. James thing what actually sparked that, what was the motive in the St. James attack? // I think it’s confusing for us because the talks were already taking place and the date for the election had already been set, so it was almost as if we were working together already towards peace. We’re just confused …. // As far as I know the situation in the country it was against anyone old and young, so I grew up seeing those things, people being shot, arrested, people running away from the country, going into exile. // Did you see anyone getting shot? // Many times. // What happened? // Peaceful demonstrations, students demanding their rights, the problem of funds, school fees, those years, ’85, ’84, demand of the release of Mandela, I mean not a violent demonstration, just peaceful demonstrations that’s how you see how the police they come and answer with a bullet. // So even you as part of APLA you didn’t feel that the country was heading towards ...moreFull Transcript
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