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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 5 of Episode 58

22:47If we should judge the apartheid state on how they treated their prisoners then we should certainly also judge the liberation movement on how they treated theirs. The name Quatro is a dark stain on the human rights record of the ANC in the late seventies and early eighties.Full Transcript
23:04The notorious Angolan camps for ANC recruits from South Africa in the seventies and early eighties were not all that the determined and militant youth who skipped the country expected them to be. One such camp was Quatro.Full Transcript and References
23:22I think we were eight or nine. We were handcuffed the following morning, forced to lie on the stomach in the Land Rover and we could see we were going to a place where if they give you bread, you’ll think its cake. That’s Quatro; quatro is a number in Portuguese. We called it Quatro because we used to believe in our country we had a place like Number Four, I think this is the place. What was more surprising is that the uniform they gave was so dirty and then they told us that this is a hell of a place. You could feel… They just pointed to us, that’s your cell, you don’t look anywhere, you just go straight into that cell. If we are five in this cell or ten, if we have to stay for ten years or five years or six years, you’ll only see the face you are with within that cell for that six years. Beatings in Quatro were an everyday thing. I remember one warder by the name of Sonwabo. We went to chop the wood. So, I happen to look around for a stick because we were using a hacksaw ...moreFull Transcript and References
25:59Didiza’s father was assassinated by the ANC in the eighties after being suspected as a spy. Mister Joe Seremane’s younger brother, Chief left the country to join the movement, but when everybody was returning back home he never came back. Full Transcript
26:14I come here on behalf of my family. I come here to express the feeling of betrayal by compatriots and Comrades. I come here to express our disappointment and the way we feel cheated of a dear little brother, a promising young man, a brilliant young man. I come here to talk about the hypocrisy that’s taking place in our country. I want to ask for the true records of those trials in Quatro camp. I want somebody to come and tell me what my younger brother actually did that he deserved to be shot like an animal being put down after being brutally disfigured so that his best of his best friends could not recognize him. I want that comrade of mine to come up and be honest and say, and tell a little lie at least to the family, a little white lie and say, we shot him accidentally when we were practicing, we will be satisfied. Why do you cheat me of my brother’s bones? Why do you think our contribution is worth nothing? Why do you think we ran and volunteered to risk our lives calling for ...moreFull Transcript and References
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