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Special Report Transcript Episode 59, Section 2, Time 04:22

I gave the instruction for them to flatten the huts with a caspir and that we would open fire at the same time. It’s the overkill situation that was typically Koevoet. We would shoot as much concentrated fire into a space as possible. We didn’t know how many people might be in there with them, what they were armed with and so on so it was over kill, just in case. And as we opened up this rifle barrel of the person next to me was shot by the person next to him, so the rifle barrel actually became bent and useless. He was firing on automatic, his gun blew up and it sounded like a hand grenade and what went through my mind was that this person, the person in the hut, had thrown this hand grenade at us. We were sprayed with shrapnel from the barrel of this gun blowing up and obviously this loud bang that went with it. I got such a shock I ripped off the stock, I had an AK47 and I just kept on firing, my hand was being burnt by the barrel but I was just crazy at that time. And we were all firing, eventually we seized fire and took the roof off this hut and there this man was lying there, very badly wounded. Our medic, Shaun started putting a drip in him and patching him up and trying to save his life and that’s when I lost it completely.

Notes: John Deagon (Former Koevoet member)

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