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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 1 of Episode 6

00:17Hello. After an absence of two weeks the Special Report is back. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission is running full steam now so we’ll be with you every Sunday night for the foreseeable future. Tonight we’re going to tell you the remarkable story of a very courageous man who gave testimony at this week’s Commission hearings in Kimberley. It’s a story of Father Michael Lapsley, an Anglican priest who was mutilated by a letter bomb, but his spirit and his resolve only grew stronger.Full Transcript
00:45I was a soldier, but my weapon was my tongue. The irony was that they never got, in the attempt to kill me they left intact the very weapon that I was then in a way able to mobilise even more effectively illustrating … my body what apartheid is all about. And my view is that it was a supreme act of both desperation and failure on the part of the apartheid regime. Full Transcript
01:12We’re going to give you a report back on an earlier Truth Commission case that has been solved and we’ll focus on the controversial South African Defence Force attack on the SWAPO settlement at Cassinga in Angola, an attack which has been in the news again the last two weeks. But let’s start with the rather complicated tale of a grenade attack that went very wrong. An unexpected confession on Tuesday proved that the wrong men went to jail for it, or was this yet another lie. Full Transcript
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