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Special Report Transcript Episode 6, Section 2, Time 03:43

Walter Smiles’ unexpected confession created more questions than answers. The two men in jail for the attack believe they were wrongfully convicted. // I formulated a story so that I can be saved from the oppression. Van der … came after I’ve agreed to their story and then they said they were going to take photos at Trust Bank, George street, where this all took place. They alleged that we got training so we had to agree that we got training from that area. They also wanted to know who were responsible for all, some of the things they talked about … and I didn’t know about what they were talking about. But I did agree and admitted that I knew everything that they were talking about. After we did this point outs they asked me, Erasmus and Rossouw asked me if I was prepared to be a state witness. I said no. They then decided to charge me.

Notes: TRC testimony: Nkosinathi Nkohla

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