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Special Report Transcript Episode 6, Section 2, Time 06:24

Thembinkosi Nqcele, another young Kimberley activist turned state witness during the trial. He said that he was forced to give false evidence out of fear for his life. // They asked me do I know who is responsible for what happened. I said I don’t know anything about that. The adjutant was the leader of the interrogators. He came time and again and continued with the interrogation. They asked me if I wanted to be released. I said, obviously I do. And then he said, if I want to, then I must speak the truth. I should say that I’ve seen people who have thrown the grenade. And, through the intimidation and when they were trying to show me how they’re going to throw me out of the window I was afraid. At the end I signed because I feared for my life. They said then they are going to release me, but in the end they didn’t. Then they told me I will be going to court and I was supposed to state everything that was signed there. And then they said I must say what I have signed for. Rossouw came to fetch me, he was the captain, and on my way to the court he stated that, drilled me to say what I was supposed to say in court.

Notes: TRC testimony: Thembinkosi Nqcele

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