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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 6

08:25There is a danger that truth commissioners and the public could start suffering from torture fatigue. At every sitting of the Commission so far people who had been tortured came to tell their stories. But in Kimberley this week a very disturbed young man, whose life had been destroyed by torture, reminded everybody that this was the most evil practice of all during the apartheid years.Full Transcript
08:47Nzimeni Bosman was arrested for handing out pamphlets in 1991 in Kimberley. // Then I went into the police station. There were two white guys, I don’t know their names and a police man called Petrus wanted to take my finger prints and he put my head into the toilet seat. When I pulled my head out, trying to look around, one other white guy who was a sergeant told me to look at the back and he hit me with a gun on my face. And blood came running out of my mouth and I said to him, because I was afraid of him I … him and said, please look at me, blood is coming out of my mouth. // Patrick, you are talking about the time when you were in the police station and you were beaten and tortured in the police station, your shoulder was broken. Is that right? // That’s true and I was also injured on my stomach, just below my ribs. I have to lift up my hands before I can speak. I get enough power to speak when I stretch out my hands. But if I don’t do that I feel the pain on my diaphragm; ...moreFull Transcript and References
10:50Thabo Moorosi was detained in 1986 in the old Bophuthatswana. // I was taken to Mafikeng police station where I was forced to remain naked in a cell and then I was tortured brutally. And then I was hit with the back of a gun on my head and all this horrible things were done to me. So they wanted military information from me, beating me every day. Then there would come another group saying they were from the security police beating me. Then, I was naked, pulling me with my private parts, hitting me on the head, and even I’ve got a spine problem ... // Now when you’re saying they were pulling you by your private parts, what do you mean, how do they do that? // They pulled me with my private parts, because I was naked. I went to see a psychiatrist, if I don’t get that treatment I become confused. Sometimes even if I get it I remain confused sometimes, because I cannot sleep. Even if I try to work, I was supposed to have joined the integration process of the army. So, even the ...moreFull Transcript and References
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