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Special Report Transcript Episode 6, Section 5, Time 25:56

During the 1980s three security force units attacked and assassinated anti-apartheid activists in neighbouring states. The security police, the Defence Force Civil Cooperation Bureau, CCB, and Military Intelligence. The CCB’s Zimbabwean cell was one of the most active and carried out operations throughout the eighties. // This man was the field commander of the CCB in Zimbabwe: Kit Christopher Bawden. He says he’s unit seized to exist after the arrest by the central intelligence organisation of Zimbabwe. He denies that he bombed Father Lapsley. It is not known to what extend CCB activities in Zimbabwe continued after the arrest of Bawden’s cell. When Father Lapsley received his parcel in April 1990, the CCB was officially disbanded. It is known however that the security police blew people up with parcel bombs. Former super spy Craig Williamson admitted to the parcel bombs that killed Ruth First and Jeanette and Katryn Schoon. Former Vlakplaas commander, Eugene de Kock is now on trial for murdering ANC lawyer Bheki Mlangeni with a parcel bomb in 1991. The security police had a technical division which specialised in the building of such devises. Father Lapsley’s bomb might have been built by the security police.

Notes: The Herald: ‘Bomb Blast injures 17’; Photo: Christopher Bawden; Members of cell: Barry Desmond Bawden, Michael Anthony Smith, Phillip Masiza Conjwayo in jail; Black Sash demonstration

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a farm near Pretoria used as a base for police hit squads
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