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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 6 of Episode 6

29:56A few days before Christmas 1985, Jacqueline Quinn and her husband Leon Meyer were murdered by South African commandoes in their home on the outskirts of Maseru. Their baby daughter Phoenix witnessed the murder, but was found unhurt in her cot the next morning. During the Durban session of the Truth Commission in May the Quinn family demanded to know who the killers were because the South African government had never admitted to their attack. It has now come to light that the killers were all members of the security police’s Vlakplaas Unit. The leader of the death squad in Maseru was also the commander of Vlakplaas, Eugene de Kock. This information is contained in a sworn affidavit by De Kock’s right hand man at Vlakplaas, warrant officer Willie Nortje. The affidavit is now in the possession of the Pretoria Attorney-General Jan D’Oliveira. Nortje says the whole attack was set up by a police agent who lived in the ANC community in Maseru. He does not name this agent. The killers ...moreFull Transcript and References
31:05The group was divided into De Kock, myself, Snor and Steve went to their house where the ANC members had a party. Outside their house De Kock killed an ANC member who was driving away. After that De Kock and I went to their house, where we killed the other five ANC members. Joe, Anton, and [inaudible] went to another house where they killed two other ANC members. // Nortje states that all the Maseru killers received the police star for bravery for the murders, from Police Commissioner Johan van der Merwe.Full Transcript
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