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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 7 of Episode 6

31:37Few other actions of the South African Defence Force caused as much bitterness in Namibia as the attack on Cassinga on May 4, 1978. Last week, the Minister of Defence, Joe Modise, apologised to the Namibian government and people because a group of soldiers commemorated the raid in Cassinga with a parade. The Namibians and Angolans insist the Cassinga attack was purely a massacre of civilians. The former Defence Force officers maintain it was a SWAPO command centre. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Full Transcript
32:09Early morning, May 4, 1978. Cassinga , 250 kilometres north of the Namibian border. Several hundred SWAPO soldiers are on the parade ground. In the rest of the little town family members and refugees from Namibia do the household chores to prepare for another day in the bush. And then death rains from the sky. // There was no ground support. It was basically three companies, under the legendary Col Breytenbach. But the three companies were fairly depleted companies. They were mostly citizen force, they were from one, two and three parachute battalions and the heavier support weapons they had were a few light anti-tank weapons and I think 60 mm mortars. And they flew in and dropped directly after the initial preparatory bombardment which was an aerial assault by the Camberers and Buckaneers. // What kind of bombs do you use form these aircraft? What would they do? Destroy property or mostly go against personnel? Burn the place down? // The weaponry that the Camberers and the Buckaneers ...moreFull Transcript
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