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Special Report Transcript Episode 60, Section 2, Time 00:32

The killing fields of KwaZulu-Natal. More than 10 000 people have been killed in this region in the last fifteen years. It hasn’t stopped, only last week recently elected councillors were slaughtered in Richmond. This past week the Truth Commission heard the full story of one of KwaZulu-Natal’s killing machines, the 200 Inkatha men who were trained by the South African Defence Force in Caprivi in Northern Namibia in 1986, who called themselves the Inkatha armed wing. The evidence of three of these men, each with the blood of many supporters of the UDF or ANC on his hands, was fiercely contested. It even led to the IFP’s withdrawal from the present peace talks. It was a difficult hearing; no fewer than 29 attorneys and advocates representing politicians and generals turned up. Most of these lawyers found it difficult to make the switch from the court room to a Commission hearing aimed only at information gathering. It soon became a time consuming circus with many angry exchanges.

Notes: Max du Preez; Aftermath of IFP attacks

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A state-sponsored paramilitary unit set up to provide the IFP with a covert military capacity. The trainees were given paramilitary training by the SADF in the Caprivi Strip during 1986 and were later deployed in areas around KwaZulu-Natal against the political enemies of the state and Inkatha, ...
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