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Special Report Transcript Episode 60, Section 2, Time 03:20

But despite the legal drama and lots of hot air the five witnesses this week gave a whole new insight into the bloody years between 1987 and 1993. This story really starts in the mid 1980s when the UDF rapidly increased its influence in KwaZulu-Natal. In 1985 IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi asked military intelligence for support, partly for protection but also for offensive or attacking capability. This request was agreed to by the then State Security Council and ‘Operation Marion’ was born. In 1986 200 young Inkatha men were secretly flown from Caprivi where they were trained by white Defence Force instructors. When they came back to KwaZulu-Natal many of them became professional killers; they were responsible for hundreds of deaths, among these the KwaMakhutha massacre. This massacre led to a court case last year in which General Magnus Malan and 19 others were charged, but in the end the judge acquitted them. One of the main questions was whether the Caprivi training was for an attacking force or if the emphasis was a defensive or protective one. The judge found that the main purpose was to train a defensive group; this is in stark contrast to the evidence given this week. Strangely enough not one of this week’s witnesses was called to the KwaMakhutha Trial.

Notes: Max du Preez

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TRC Final Report Glossary
The latter 1980s: Collusion with the South African security forces 233 By 1985, Inkatha supporters found themselves increasingly under attack by virtue of the positions they held within local government and homeland structures. Threats of assassination against Chief Buthelezi in 1985 prompted the ...
170 When David Ntombela of Mncane in Vulindlela became the induna of KwaMncane, the money he collected from people for a ‘co-operative store’ allegedly went into building his own store. Ntombela became known for spearheading attacks against UDF supporters who had begun to infiltrate the ...
119. The assertions by the Caprivi trainee amnesty applicants that they were acting as part of a well-resourced and orchestrated strategy coincided with the Commission ’s finding that in 1986 the SADF conspired with Inkatha to provide the latter with a covert, offensive paramilitary unit (hit ...
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