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Special Report Transcript Episode 60, Section 2, Time 05:14

He told us that what’s important is if we do allow that this country of us be taken by communists we should know that we have stabbed ourselves with our own spear and he said we have to answer to our grandchildren. // How would you characterize the training that you received? // Under ‘offensive,’ because we were taught a lot about attacking. We were doing things like house penetration, like infiltration, camouflage and concealment, tracking, survival and we were also taught more about dangerous arms like RPD, RPK, AK47, arms which involves mortars, limpet mines, explosives like cortex, safety fuses, PE4. I don’t think these are arms which you can use to defend yourself: rocket launchers, RPG7, anti-personal and anti-tanks included; beehives arms which we used to demolish bridges. I don’t think these are arms which we normally use to protect or defend yourself.

Notes: TRC testimony: Gcina Mkhize; Chris McAdam (Evidence leader); Mkhize

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