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Special Report Transcript Episode 60, Section 2, Time 08:11

Daluxolo Luthuli, once an MK guerrilla who served ten years on Robben Island but then switched allegiances to Inkatha was the political commissar of the Caprivi group. // Training was not police training; it was military training, because if it was not military training there was no need for a political commissar. The police force has a commander. There was no need, even the weapons which they were using it was purely military weapons, for instance mortar, where can you use mortar, RPGs like machine guns, AK47, hand grenades, landmines, anti-personal mines, explosives, different explosives, TNT, plastic explosives? I’m mentioning now weapons of war, not police weapons. It was military training, that’s all I can say. If the Defence Force can say there was no secret, it was an open thing, no it can’t be, because when they took these people from Ulundi to Louis Botha they were put in a truck with dark windows; on our way to that base everything were … with black plastic bags, so that they mustn’t see and recognize the place of training. And I don’t know whether from commanders up down to instructors, all of them used false names. Why? Was it not something which was done secretly? Of course it was secretly.

Notes: Daluxolo Luthuli interviewed

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