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Special Report Transcript Episode 62, Section 4, Time 32:48

There are two human rights violations that I have chosen to focus on. There could be many more, but I have decided to focus on those two only. The first is being accused for Khotso House, the explosion there and the second is the torture that my son and I endured in 1990. Mister Adriaan Vlok had personally congratulated the forces for their tremendous success in creating havoc and mayhem in Johannesburg and for that particular bomb. And at that point I thought, you’re not going to get away with this and I laid criminal charges against Mr. Vlok, both individually and severally, which means that in his individual capacity I am suing him for R500 000. And because he happened to have been the minister of law and order at the time I sued the ministry as well, for the same amount.

Notes: TRC testimony: Shirley Gunn

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