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Special Report Transcript Episode 62, Section 4, Time 35:08

Eight days later my emaciated son with his eyes sunken into his head, and he looked very very depressed, he was returned to me. So, I knew that this was a victory. He was removed from me forcibly. It wasn’t their good heart that brought him back to me. Something happened out there. I didn’t know what had happened out there, but at least I had my child back. And I still remember his eyes, this doubt in his eyes. They’ve done it to other women, I’m not the only one, and so for all women who have been through this and maybe haven’t been given a chance to articulate what I’m being given a chance to articulate, I hope that it helps them to recover from their experiences. I mean it’s taken me years and I’m still not over it. And Harun is still not over it, it’s something that will take time. With the right kind of support around us we can get over it.

Notes: Shirley Gunn interviewed

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