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Special Report Transcript Episode 62, Section 4, Time 29:02

It was terrible. Really it was terrible because by that time I did cry and then sometimes praying for myself that if God can take my life with the child, maybe it will be better. Because there was no privacy. Even from my labour ward to the wards. When I wanted to go to the toilet, they didn’t want me to go to the toilet, as if maybe I’ll run away. So, they brought a bedpan to me so I must help myself in front of them. It was really terrible…if maybe I can see those people and then if they can ask for forgiveness, I can forgive them. But just to forgive a person you don’t see, no it’s difficult really. It hurts me, especially when I see my son. No, it doesn’t touch me alright.

Notes: Kate Serokolo

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