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Special Report Transcript Episode 63, Section 2, Time 04:52

They were legitimate targets of the struggle because they were occupying the very trophy for which war was all about, that is the land. Because when we say ‘we were conquered,’ what we mean is that our land was conquered and the land wasn’t conquered by the ghosts, by the spirits, invisible beings, it was conquered by the Europeans, by the whites. And we identified the farms as one point at which the fortunes of war will be decided. So now it was a question of conscientising the people that they should be armed and they should liberate this country and they should know that settlers are an integral part of what enemy is. // So if you were white and you were a farmer, you were an automatic target? // Definitely you were an automatic target, what’s wrong with that? Because you are white, you are a farmer, farming where? In a stolen land. You are guilty to start with. You’re a thief and you cannot say in a group of thieves that these are culprits and these are not culprits.

Notes: Letlapa Mphahlele (APLA: Director of Operations)

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