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Special Report Transcript Episode 63, Section 2, Time 06:17

In this quest to reclaim the land the amnesty applicants formed an APLA unit in Botshabelo and executed their first and last operation at Wesselsdal farm. // When we arrived there I knocked at the door together with my comrades and a white lady came, that is the wife of Mr. Smith. We asked her where was her husband. We are there to request petrol. We didn’t wait for a long time, Mr. Smith appeared and when he arrived I informed him that we are asking or requesting petrol. The car we are using is stuck there. He took us to the garage. I was behind Mr. Smith once we were in the garage, then I looked at Mr. Mtjikelo who is the unit commander. Then from there he gave me a sign, that sign was to say I should attack. I didn’t waste time, I took my weapon which was on my waist then I raised my hand, then I stabbed him at the back. What I may tell you is that yes I stabbed him, I stabbed him once. // Simon Olifant then finished him off. // That’s when I stabbed him in the back, when he tried to stand, from there he fell. Mr. Mtjikelo then stood on his hand. From there I took a knife and stabbed him repeatedly on his chest. I heard something go ‘puff’ from there that’s when I stepped out and stood here. When I looked back he was crawling back towards me, I took him and pulled him back inside the garage. That’s when I laid him on his back and went on stabbing him several times on his chest. From there I left and went inside the house.

Notes: TRC testimony: Petrus Mohapi; Applicants at scene of incident, demonstrates stabbing; Simon Olifant

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