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Special Report Transcript Episode 64, Section 3, Time 09:16

Actually, it was a lie that I was tortured by ministers like the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfred Nzo and it was also lies that I was tortured by the late Chris Hani and also the late Secretary-General of the ANC, Thomas Nkobi. So, those were lies, but also within my statement that I made, my statement was also based on truth that I was really tortured by the ANC. And I was in the ANC camps as an ANC prisoner. When we returned back from exile we were a group of 20 but from this group of 20 I just happened not to join the other people who joined the ANC, actually who rejoined the ANC. Then I decided to come down to KwaZulu-Natal and I stayed at Ulundi. And the time when we were at Ulundi, because that time we were actually almost nine, the former ANC detainees. So we stayed at Ulundi, and while we were at Ulundi we were visited by some senior police from Pretoria Headquarters. And there were some police from the security branch from [inaudible] and also from Durban. They told us that they were there at Ulundi to meet us through the instructions from the minister of justice in the former KwaZulu government and they asked us to make statements to them and we did. And at the ultimate end there was an idea that we have to set up a Committee, which is going to fight for our grievances as the people who were tortured, detained by the ANC, unlawfully. What we were supposed to do was nothing else but to discredit the ANC and to spread propaganda about the African National Congress, to discredit the individuals in the National Executive of the African National Congress. We were targeting some individuals during that time. So that was the mission of the Returned Exiles Committee.

Notes: Pat Hlongwane interviewed

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The ANC established bases in several African countries. The Department of Intelligence and Security (DIS), together with the military headquarters of MK, had control over residential centres and the Angolan camps, including 'Camp 32' or the Morris Seabelo Rehabilitation Centre (popularly known as ...
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