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Special Report Transcript Episode 64, Section 6, Time 25:33

In October 1990 three men belonging to the right wing Orde Boerevolk attacked a bus of black commuters. Seven people were killed and 27 injured in this racially motivated attack. Piet Botha, Adriaan Smuts and Eugene Marais had executed the attack. They wanted to kill black people in revenge for an attack on white pedestrians on the Durban beach front by youths wearing APLA t-shirts earlier that day.

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Azanian People's Liberation army, military wing of the PAC, formed in 1967
a militant right-wing organisation formed by former security policeman Piet Rudolph
Prior to February 1990, violations committed by members of right-wing organisations took the form of isolated attacks with a strong racist character. During the early 1990s, members of right-wing organisations, perceiving themselves to be placed under siege by the process of constitutional ...
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