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Special Report Transcript Episode 65, Section 2, Time 14:25

In the two decades since Biko’s brutal death in detention his name has become synonymous with black consciousness, black pride; black dignity in South Africa. But the circumstances surrounding his death have always been associated with white police brutality, secrecy and lies. Biko was arrested on the 18th of August 1977 for breaking his banning order. He was held here at the Walmer police cells in Port Elizabeth until a team of security policemen took him to their interrogation chamber, the infamous Sanlam building, room 619. During questioning, the 6th of September Biko sustained serious head injuries. State doctors who examined him helped the police cover up the extent of his injuries. Instead of taking Biko to a local prison hospital he was driven half naked in the back of this police van to the Pretoria local prison more than a thousand kilometres away. This was to be his final journey. Hours later the young medical student was found dead in his cell. The news of Biko’s death in detention shocked the world. Some of his closest friends and comrades remembered their deep sense of loss when they found out that he’d died in jail.

Notes: Photos: Biko, BPC poster Biko’s funeral; Police cells; Photo: Room 619 (Police Evidence); Police Land Rover Biko was transported with

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